Quick Tip For Resellers: Understanding Movie Trends

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Quick Tip For Resellers: Understanding Movie Trends

I just wanted to take a quick moment to emphasize the importance of understanding movie trends and how that will directly affect your overall sales. The chart featured in the image above perfectly articulates this point. Looking at the entire calendar year, horror movies are distributed at an exponentially higher rate in the month of October. Why is that you ask? Yep, you're correct....Halloween! A great tip for resellers who buy in bulk is to organize portions of their collection so that they can maximize sales during certain parts of the year. Examples of this can be saving Christmas-themed movies until December and summer fun movies for July & August. Taking it a step further, you may want to consider important cultural events that inspire people to view/buy certain films. This can be seen by a spike in military-themed movie sales around the anniversary of D-Day and patriotism-themed movies around September 11th. We could go much more in-depth, but I'm sure you guys get the idea by now. Always be cognizant of movie trends and you will watch your DVD, HD-DVD, and Blu-Ray Disc sales surge!

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