Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is AAGoods Wholesale?

We are the largest online wholesaler for resellers that purchase DVDs, Blu-Rays, CDs, & Video Games. We sell a wide range of wholesale quantities suitable for all levels of resellers. We are located in Memphis, TN and operate out of a 20,000 square foot facility. 

Why should I buy from AAGoods Wholesale?

AAGoods Wholesale has been a trusted entertainment media wholesale source for thousands of resellers just like you. Having sold over 1,000,000 DVDs, we are an established wholesaler with a proven track record of customer satisfaction as seen by top-tier ratings on eBay and Amazon. Most importantly, you should buy from AAGoods Wholesale because it's profitable! Our prices cannot be matched and we always provide our customers with a diverse and quality collection of products to resell. 

What items does AAGoods Wholesale sell?

We currently sell a variety of DVDs (HD-DVDs), Blu-Rays, CDs, Video Games.

Where can I sell your products?

Many of our customers run flea market stands, thrift shops and garage sales. Don't let that limit you though, with our extremely low wholesale prices, you can turn huge profits through a variety of sales platforms. 

How many items can I buy?

We offer the perfect quantity for every level of reseller. Our offers start as low as 25 pieces and go all the way up to an entire truckload of pallets! For orders that exceed quantity available on the website, please just contact us directly and we will customize your order to meet your demands.

I live outside of the USA, can I still buy from AAGoods Wholesale?

Absolutely. We are proud to offer international shipping.
(additional shipping charges apply)

Where Is AAGoods Wholesale located?

We are located at 4227 E Raines Rd Memphis Tn 38118
Dock Hours Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm.

Does AAGoods Wholesale allow local pickups?

You may certainly pick up your orders at our facility. Need some help loading your order? No worries, our team will provide load assistance during dock hours.

Does AAGoods Wholesale offer custom Orders?

Our mission is to provide you, the reseller, with exactly what you need to grow your business and be successful. Understanding that all resellers operate at different levels, we offer custom orders to ensure we always meet those demands.